So you are having your wedding in one of the most interesting places on planet earth. Jamaica is such a culturally rich country and it would be an absolute shame if you are here without experiencing at least some it.

What will we have the time to do though? Especially if our guests will be on the island for just a few days?

Pleasure to give you those answers my loves.

Here are a few fun ways to get a good Jamaican experience.


Hit the high seas

Charter a boat for a day and bring your guests out on the water to relax, rejuvenate, and perhaps enjoy a meal.
Taste of Jamaica Cooking Class
How about a cooking demonstration? The bride and groom can arrange for the wedding guests to enjoy a complimentary cooking demonstration put on by the hotel or a local cook. Since much of the food the guests eat while visiting for the wedding will be different than what they eat at home, they might enjoy learning how to prepare it for home enjoyment.



Reggae Bonfire and BBQ
Instead of the traditional rehearsal dinner, let us plan a Reggae Night just for you and your guests. On the beach with fire blazing and lots of authentic Jamaican food and drink.


Mystic Masterclass
For a spiritual touch, we can arrange to have an ordained Rastafarian priest share the tenets of Rastafari and its ‘livity’ (way of life).

Other Fun Activities

Other pre-wedding activities include guided tours and shopping excursions. Since one of the great benefits of the destination wedding is that only your closest friends and family will likely surround you, we can plan some meaningful activities that you wouldn’t plan if the wedding were a larger event. For example, you might plan a slumber party night with close friends that includes movies, popcorn and drinks in your hotel room, villa or cottage, depending on where the wedding is held.

Of course, if you plan a destination wedding, for some people this might double as their vacation.

All more reason to make it memorable.

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